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Olympia Powerlifting

Olympia Powerlifting 2010

The blockbuster, history-making Powerlifting shows at the Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend began in 2008. The 2009 Powerlifting show continued on the success of the ’08 event with an expanded arena for the sport and more innovative ways to spotlight Powerlifting. This year promises to be better than ever with over 100 Powerlifters competing for individual Olympia Powerlifting titles.

The Superlifting has become an extremely popular event at the Olympia Weekend.  The 2008 and 2009 Superlifting drew huge audiences, and saw the sport’s greatest bench pressers battle for world records and fame.  This year you’ll experience the electricity as two of the sport’s greatest D1 (single ply) squatters in the world go to war.  Who is the best Superlifting heavyweight squatter in the world?  Multiple IPF World Champion Brian Siders and the squat Phenomenon Scott “Hoss” Cartwright will rep 800 pounds until failure on the main Olympia stage at 3 PM Saturday.  The man with the most reps with the massive weight wins.  Remember, if there’s a tie, Siders and Cartwright must immediately go for another super attempt to determine the winner!

And finally, you simply cannot miss this year’s World’s Strongest Bodybuilder, Duel in the Desert. The first ever World’s Strongest Bodybuilder Challenge began in 2009, and was conducted in official form by international Powerlifting referees, directors and staff. Johnny Jackson lifted large to become the only man to officially hold the prestigious title of World’s Strongest Bodybuilder.

stan_efferding_wallpaper But now in 2010 comes a new challenger to the throne, IFBB Pro League bodybuilder Stan Efferding. Efferding says he has no real challengers. Is “The Rhino” right? Who will mount the stage to try and crash Stan’s boasts? Who will put Efferding to the real test under the iron? Find out, and witness all the craziness at the Olympia Weekend 2010 in Las Vegas!

Full House, Powerlifting Ladies

Director Steve Denison lined up a full house of impressive women lifters for the Olympia Powerlifting Invitational.  The list is long but here are three more we just received photos from.   aprilshumaker1 april-shumaker-maurashuttleworth  April Shumaker and Maura Shuttleworth represent Team Supergirls.  Maura is currently ranked #1 in the 114 class bench press, and April claims the #1 spot in America for the 105 class.    lori-steele-1 IFBB Pro League bodybuilder, Lori Steele has been powerlifting and expects some great results again in competition at the Olympia Powerlifting Invitational.

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